An increasing world population, in a world of finite natural resources, requires ever more innovative chemical engineering to solve problems and produce new, better products. Many economic and ecological challenges of the 21st century can only be solved on a global scale. Chemical engineering and related sciences will play a key role in meeting future societal needs.

To ensure a high standard of chemical engineering and related science and technology, a World Chemical Engineering Council(WCEC) has been formed.

The underlying VISION was to create

a worldwide organisation qualified to identify, respond to, and add value to uniquely global issues, opportunities and obligations facing the chemical engineering profession, the industries served by chemical engineers, and those elements of society that they impact.


The MISSION of the WCEC is to

provide frameworks and forums for discussion, development and dissemination of information and knowledge, and recommended actions on

  • global economic, environmental, societal, and technical issues where chemical engineers and the chemical engineering profession play an important role;
  • issues of importance to the education, employment and professional and career development of chemical engineers; and
  • issues relevant to the contributions of the chemical engineering profession and the industries which it serves.